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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

It's all About Me

Not that I suppose anyone has been waiting with bated breath, but I have taken a hiatus from blogging and have decided that I will dip my toes once again into the blogesphere. The reason I stopped blogging is that in a postpartum haze I discovered that I had little to say. I also have been taking a critical look at myself and at what this forum for writing really means. It wasn't until I happened to read an article in Time Magazine
that I found it articulated very well. In essence I don't think that the world revolves around me, but I'm acutely aware that blogging sometimes gives that impression and to that end, I decided to take a break. I like to write. I like that when I am blogging or journaling, my synapses seem to fire more rapidly and I notice the world around me with a heightened sense of awareness. I have discovered that by not blogging, I am actually less aware of the world around me and I love to have a creative outlet.
Here is what I promise you, dear reader, if you do in fact exist:
1. I will never refer to my offspring as the little f---er as in the linked article.
2. any details of a scatological nature ie. pooping, barfing, nose-picking etc. will be absolutely germane to some universal topic--everybody poops right?
3. I will still be enormously proud of my daughter's discerning taste in music and hilarious taste in fashion.
4.I will not try to act cool because I most assuredly am not.
5. I will still probably prattle endlessly on about things that irk, please and inspire me