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Friday, December 29, 2006

Do I Have Time to Blog?

So much to say and a ticking time bomb is currently strapped to my chest in my moby wrap. She could awaken at any moment, so I will try to see if I can accomplish a blog.
My house currently is not too cute. Things are half chopped in the kitchen, laundry is 3/4 folded (but more is brewing downstairs in the basement), and Lucy's crib is freshly made, but as soon as I set her in it, it will be ready for a change again. Reflux sucks. I know which of my friends have had reflux babies because they have all given me darling (yet functional) burpcloths. Everything that is touched or worn in this house by anyone has been profusly spit up upon. Yesterday morning, my eighth wedding anniversary--what is 8 years? Crystal? Wood? Ummm, how about cotton burp cloth--it was my foot which was covered, and my prince romantically swooped down and wiped it up. My brain is functioning at about half speed. This is evidenced by the fact that I called my friend from Hawaii at noon our time yesterday completely forgetting the time change. Hello? I used to live there! But the coup d'etat was that I left my debit card in the ATM machine at the mall 2 days after Christmas.

I know, I know, what the hell was I doing at the mall 2 days after Christmas!? Actually I had been to a different mall the day before and am a glutton for punishment. All's well that ends well though and after traveling to the bowels of the mall basement and filling out copious paperwork while Lucy filled out her diaper, I was able to retrieve my debit card that was returned by two ladies who have restored my faith in mankind. Well, to be more specific, womankind.

Life is good though. I don't live in the Sudan.

As I mentioned before:8 years. There has been a lot of living in those 8 years. We've lived in 5 different places, lived through 2 deployments, had two children, and we still really like each other. I mean of course I love C. I really like him too.

I always seem to get back to the theme of music in my life, but yesterday I climbed aboard the treadmill and with Lucy sleeping beside me in the bouncy seat, and J, pajama clad and cartoon transfixed, I strapped on my MP3 player and let my music move me. I don't know if it is because it is the holidays or what, but when Coldplay's Fix You from X&Y came on I was almost overcome.

That entire album is so distinctly Hawaii to me. I could see my favorite runs with the ocean on one side of me and views of the Koolau mountains on the other. Just hearing that album makes me able to see the crystal clear views and smell the briney ocean air. It also makes me miss my friends there so very much. They have all scattered all around the place, but in speaking to them, I am not alone in mourning a time gone by.

Lucy is awake now, and duty calls!


Anonymous am'ti b said...

congrats on your 8 years! looking forward to chatting after the rush of okc/EDMOND has died down. glad i checked in - as i sit awake high on mucinex d at 4 am with no cable tv. hope you are keeping your spirits up, nice to hear you are able to get back to running! sorry for the ramblin' comment.

2:21 AM  
Blogger Greg said...

That Fix You song is so sweet. Hang in there...

11:31 AM  
Blogger Jackie Sue said...

Wow--we're thinking about having another baby but then I wonder what it is REALLY like with a toddler and a newborn. Good to read your blogs again--get some rest now!

7:41 PM  
Blogger don't call me MA'AM said...

My kids weren't reflux babies, but I did just give in to walking around all the time with baby puke on me. It was just a given at the time. As they're much older now, there's a "no puking on Mom" rule enforced quite strictly. So far, so good! ;-)

8:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

downloaded fix you from Itunes...Listenin to "fix you." now. Will share w/ E. Hmm, I guess I see why Gwenyth left Bradly for this hearfelt, pensive (not pensieve for the harry potter fans (read: me), balladere (not Mr. Belvedere).

Can you even read that? I am as tangential as they come...and I'll read more of your blogs later.
Mine are a bit different, honestly yours are the 1st I have read except mine own. I'm new to his century. Welcome to the 'ots Matty B.
Would like to "hear" your and C's comments on mine.

9:01 AM  

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