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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Pop Culture Shame

I have been largely uninspired to blog lately. My time with two free hands is extremely limited, so typing isn't happening much, and my thoughts these days frankly, aren't too profound. Evidentally IQ points are being breastfed right out of me, as I couldn't remember my own address the other day.
That being said, there are 3 things that are currently disturbing me greatly in our weird pop culture:

1. The Oprah-ification of these poor Missouri boys who were abducted and returned. Talk about the case. Fine. Talk about child abductions and ways to amend laws that cater to repeat offenders. Great. Laud the officers who found the perpetrator. Hooray! Parade the boys in front of cameras and deliberate about what may or may not have happened and discuss how to make them feel like it was not in any way their fault. Not Ok! These family reunions are and should be PRIVATE. The therapy and reassimilation process is a process and shouldn't be a public spectacle.

2. American Idol is painful to watch. I watched the first season back in '02 when J was a tiny baby and C was often on call and away from home. I am a bit of a reality show snob. I only like the ones that are about real talent, ie, Project Runway, American Idol, and I've been known to dabble in Dancing with the Stars. I've never been impressed by consumption of heinous foods or eligible bachelors bearing roses. American Idol is meaner than ever. It makes me uncomfortable. I always have liked when it gets down to 24 and then 12 better because you are dealing talented people, but this culling down process is beyond rude and crude and I equate it to public execution.

3. Is Isiah Washington going to go to rehab now? Because that is the normal course of events for celebrities these days who make asses of themselves and spew bigotry. Is he meeting with GLAAD? What a pompous jerk. I am tired of famous people acting contrite because it is a wise career move. Is anyone who has meetings or does serious "soul-searching" about an obnoxious comment really sorry these days? Or are they just sorry they let their true feelings be known?


Blogger Rachel said...

I hear ya on all three. I saw on the news yesterday that Isaiah Washington IS seeking 'treatment' for his bigoted remarks, and I thought of you. So ridiculous! He was quoted as saying something like, "Counseling will help me find out why I did what I did." Ummmm, because you're an ass?

2:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree. TV basically sux. Ok I admit to clandestine viewings of Family Guy when I'm feeling cynical, or Battlestar Galactica when I'm feeling trek-e, starwars boy roots needing to be watered. Ask C, no wait, maybe not uhh ask whatever dork guy you know.

I had to google who Isaiah W. is. I glean that he said something heinous and homophobic.
I'm not surprised...

How can we continue to be surprised by viewing the heart of humanity that Sacha Baron Cohen, Mel Gibson when drunk, etc provide us?

Matty B

8:49 AM  
Anonymous Carissa said...

People should read this.

10:55 PM  

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